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On our family farm, located in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, we raise a herd of Angora goats.​

These small and adorable goats produce the Mohair: a lustrous and luxurious fibre, with a silky appearance, wonderfully soft and warm.

Our Mohair is processed, exclusively by Canadian fibre mills, into combed tops, rovings and yarns. Then, they are hand dyed in small batches, right here on the farm.​
In our boutique, you will find our mohair locks, combed tops and yarns as well as some knitting and crochet kits, socks, various hand-made accessories and many other items.

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Our next in-person event!

Join us at Stash-it, a new fiber and textile event taking place on Saturday, August 24, from 10am to 4pm in Kemptville (ON).

We look forward to seeing you there