History of our farm

When we left France in 2001 to immigrate to Canada, we dreamt of huge space to raise our 4 children. What was not our happiness when in 2006, we had the chance to acquire this former dairy farm of 50 acres located in Eastern Ontario. By seeing these empty buildings and pastures, we decided to give a second life to this farm.
After several months of research, we discovered the world of alpacas and llamas and in 2007, our first animals arrived. Then in 2009, we had the opportunity to visit a farm raising Angora goats and we fall in love with these adorable creatures and their extraordinary fibre named Mohair ! A few years
later, we decided to solely raise our Angora goats and we now have around sixty of them.
We process their fleeces in small Canadian family fibre mills and get back combed tops and yarn of various weights and blends. Once we receive them, we hand dye them in small batches, right here on the farm. Then comes the making stage (knitting scarves, toques, ...) followed by the marketing
via our website, various festivals and shows and our small farm boutique. 

All this is possible thanks to our great family team where everyone gives a helping hand in various tasks. And above all, do not forget to mention our wonderful goats which give us beautiful fleeces and therefore extraordinary products that will delight you!