Combed Tops

NOTE: .As the fibre mill (Exotic Fiber Mill, AB) we used to work with has been sold, we will no longer be able to sell our current collection of combed tops and yarns once our stock runs out.

A combed top is obtained when fibres are commercially combed in one direction, oriented parallel to each other. It has gone through several cycles of carding and by doing so short fibres have been removed and all the extra air has been compressed out (not squishy when squeezed). This makes a more consistent product, extremely smooth that is highly suited for spinning.
When spun, it creates a fine, smooth and dense yarn (a worsted yarn) with more sheen and drape. Worsted spun yarn are strong, durable, ideal for colourwork and have a great stitch definition to make your cables and textured stitches pop.

mohair combed tops

As our combed tops are processed at the same time as our yarn, they therefore have the same content.
The wool comes from an Albertan farm of Charolais crossbred Dorset sheep and silk used is high quality Tussah.

We have 2 choices in kid mohair:

  • 70% kid mohair - 20% wool - 10% silk
  • 80% kid mohair - 20% wool

The two blends are a pure spinning delight, a cloud of softness. They are great for luxurious projects being worn next to the skin!

kid mohair combed tops

With our yearling (teenager) mohair, we have a 75% mohair - 25% wool blend: ideal for projects where the lustre, shine and lightness of the mohair will be highlighted.

mohair combed tops

Our combed tops are sold per 50g and 100g. Some are sold in their natural colour (ecru) and others are hand dyed in various colours right here on the farm.