Our Philosophy

Living on a farm and surrounded by this beautiful rural environment, we are well aware how important it is to respect nature and take good care of our Earth which makes us live.

Through our actions and commitments, we try, in our way, to raise livestock with low environmental impact while getting high quality products. We recognize that we must constantly improve our actions to protect our planet. 

At Les Belles Bouclettes, our mission is to produce high quality mohair products while having happy, healthy animals raised in the most natural and respectful way possible. This is even more important as Angora goats are now declared Endangered Breeds in Canada. We must do everything to ensure that these adorable and endearing goats continue to thrive while making the public discover the qualities of their luxurious fibre named Mohair.

  • Access to pastures during the summer and to hay during the rest of the year. At all times access to fresh water, salt and minerals as well as additional grain rations (when necessary) prepared exclusively for us by our local mill
  • Rotational grazing practice to improve the quality of the pastures and to reduce the appearance of parasites ingested by goats
  • Outdoor shelters and large indoor pens to provide maximum space and comfort
  • Care and rigorous follow-up to prevent any injury, serious illness and providing as soon as possible a treatment when necessary.
  • After shearing (twice a year), meticulous manual sorting of all the fleeces before sending them to be spun in combed tops and yarn by small Canadian family fibre mills
  • Collect rain for washing and hand-dyeing here on the farm our mohair locks, combed tops and yarn
  • Recycling as many materials as possible and replacing the use of plastics
  • At Les Belles Bouclettes, we believe in supporting local businesses; that's why we work with local and Canadian small enterprises and artisans.
  • Our products are made from start to finish in Canada.​