Since the end of 2023, we have a new partnership with the fibre mill Custom Woolen Mills in Alberta. They are processing our fleeces into beautiful rovings and yarns using their antique woolen carding and spinning machines.

After being washed and dried, the fleeces go through a carder, a machine that opens the fibre and blends it evenly, resulting in a batt (thin cloud sheet). Then this batt is divided in thick, continuous cords of carded fibre called roving (or roping). 

At that stage, the fibres are of irregular lengths, jumbled and nestled together in every which way (rather than parallel). These carded strands are lightweight, and trap a lot of air.

When spun, it creates a yarn that contains lots of air (which means extremely warm and insulating) and that will be lofty, lightweight and bouncey.

The wool (Rambouillet) used in the composition of our rovings comes from Albertan farms. 

So far, we have only one (1) blend of roving available: 

  • 70% yearling (teenagers) mohair - 30% wool

A warm, lustrous, exquisitely soft roving made with mohair from young goats raised on our family farm.

Mohair/Wool Roving

Our rovings are sold per 50g, 100g and 1lb. Some are sold in their natural colour (ecru) and others are hand dyed in various colours right here on the farm.