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Les Belles Bouclettes

Butterfly Kisses - Lace Weight, 50g, Purple

Butterfly Kisses - Lace Weight, 50g, Purple


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As whisper soft as a summer breeze, delicate like a butterfly kiss, our lace weight is a blend of kid mohair, silk and fine wool. Not as fluffy as the classic kid mohair lace yarns, Butterfly Kisses is very fine, lustrous, exquisitely soft and will have a delicate halo after washing and blocking your project. A pure delight to craft with!

Please note that this yarn is no longer in production. What we have is our only inventory, so take all that you will need at the time of purchase.


  • 2-ply Lace Weight Yarn
  • Composition: 70% Kid Mohair from our farm - 20% Canadian Wool (Charollais X Dorset) - 10% Tussah Silk 
  • Yardage: Approx.  438m (479 yds) per 50g (1.7 oz)
  • Colourway: Purple - Semi-solid colour 
  • Hand dyed in small batches, here at the farm, using professional acid dyes.
  • Canadian product: mohair grown on our family farm and wool sourced from Alberta farms. Spun in Alberta (Exotic Fibers)
  • Use for:  deliciously warm, elegant, light, next-to-the-skin-soft garments. It will reflect all its beauty in lace patterns like shawls, stoles, cowls, tops,...
  • This yarn comes from a smoke free & pets friendly home
  • We do our best to capture the true colours of our yarns. However, they may vary slightly depending on monitor/devices settings.


  • Hand wash in cold water with a wool wash of your choice . Lay flat to dry.
  • Be aware that minimal colour bleeding may occur in the first washes. This is not abnormal and can be due to differences in water chemistry, the used detergent.

Rest assured that our yarn is authentic, comes from well-treated animals, and has been processed by small Canadian fibre mills.

After shearing our Angora goats (in Spring and Fall), we sort and clean the fleeces to remove dirty parts and as much vegetation (hay, straw) as possible in order to get the best quality product. Then, we send them to the fibre mill where they will be washed, carded, spun in rovings and yarn. 
When we receive the cones, we put them in skeins, wash, hand dye them and finally rewind them so they are ready to be in your hands. During all these steps, the remaining vegetation will be removed. 
But it can happen that you still find some hay stuck in the roving or yarn in which case the best advice is to remove them by hand while you are working on your project. 
Don’t let that stop you from enjoying the incomparable softness of our mohair. We wish you a good time of knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, felting,... !!

We carefully hand dyed our yarns in small batches using professional acid dyes. The colours are rich, vibrant and will be long lasting.

Each skein is unique due to the process of hand-dyed yarn. You might find some variations of colours between skeins and batches. This makes them special, one of a kind.

For a project requiring multiple skeins, we recommend buying enough yarn from the same batch to finish it and also alternating skeins every two rows to ensure an even blend of colours.

To minimise our environmental impact during the whole dyeing process, we use water collected in our rain barrels.

We rinsed our yarns until the water runs clear and washed them using a wool wash. However, minimal colour bleeding may occur in the first washes.

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