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Les Belles Bouclettes

Mohair/Wool Roving (50g, 100g or 1 lb), natural colour

Mohair/Wool Roving (50g, 100g or 1 lb), natural colour


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A warm, light, lustrous, exquisitely soft roving made with mohair from our young Angora goats.  

  • Composition: 70% Mohair - 30% Fine Wool (Rambouillet) 
  • Weight: 50g (1.75 oz), 100g (3.5 oz) or 1lb (vacuumed bag) 
  • Colour: Natural colour/ White - Undyed
  • 100% Canadian product: mohair grown on our family farm and wool (Rambouillet) sourced from Alberta farms. Spun in Alberta (Custom Woolen Mills)
  • It has little vegetable matter (VM) easily removed by hand
  • Care instructions: Hand wash in cold water with a wool wash of your choice . Lay flat to dry.

This roving is a blend of mohair (from our young Angora goats, our teenagers) and fine wool, Rambouillet (the French version of Merino). We blend our mohair with wool for added memory to help your garments keep their shape. 

This roving (also called roping) is thick, continuous cords of carded fibre (mohair/wool) of approximately 3 inches in diameter.

It's exquisitely soft, light, and springy to the touch! Spinners will love the way it drafts easily and of course you can use it in needle felting, fibre painting or any other crafting ideas. However, I won't recommend to use it in wet felting as I found mohair doesn't felt easily in water.

Yarns spun using this roving will be light, silky soft with minimal halo, lustrous and will work up into wonderful garments you'll look forward to wrapping around you (such as scarves, shawls,...)

We also would like to mention that mohair lends itself especially well to dyeing, keeping its sheen while taking and holding dyes in clear vivid shades. 

Your imagination is the limit!!

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